Start Prospecting Today…Choose Your Path…

working man Start Prospecting Today...Choose Your Path...

Life and prospecting are made of continual choices…

turn left, turn right, dig here, go there…

As in life, only time, research, reflection, and results tell us if we chosen wisely in our prospecting or not!

The only reason we are here is to help you find your X, whatever you are looking for!

(ok, we are also making the world a better place)

Now you must choose your next prospecting step…we hope you choose wisely…

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5 thoughts on “Start Prospecting Today…Choose Your Path…

  1. Byron

    I live in southeast Idaho and spend my time mapping old pioneer and stage coach roads and water ditches used in the gold mining days. Do you have any idea where I can find old digitized topo maps and how can I view them easily in reference to today’s maps? Or to the earth. And I do sometimes look for gold but have not had any luck yet.


    1. JC Allen Post author

      Byron, we have several historic topographic resources listed in The Launchpad…the best is probably the Perry-Canstaneda Library out of the University of Texas.

      I create a Google Earth mapping service overlay with them using roads, peaks or rivers to get them very close to current topographics and features.

  2. Jim Furr

    Hi JC!

    Glad you are still here, helping us along the way!

    Don’t quit!

    Just divide your time as needed for God, Family and yourself.

    Then take time for us, here :)


    Jim Furr >


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