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e Gold Prospecting Wants to Get You To Your “X”

Whether you are prospecting for gold, or metal detecting for coins, relics or anything…we will get you the tools & resources to Map, Plan, and Get To Your X!!

e Gold Prospecting was born out of my necessity and frustration looking for information about how to find gold and where to go gold prospecting and metal detecting.  It took so much time to do, that I decided to help others avoid the same trouble.  I will share with how you can quickly and effectively get on to finding gold or metal detecting in likely areas so you are enjoying the great hobby of prospecting!

Whether you are brand new to the awesome hobby of gold prospecting, have already staked a claim, or are looking to ramp up your gold mining operations or metal detecting, e Gold Prospecting gives you the information and research to help you along the way.

Who Is Behind e Gold Prospecting

gold prospecting where to find gold research resourcesMy name is J.C. Allen.  Father of six kids.  Husband to one AWESOME wife.  General Rabble-Rouser and gold prospector.

When I started internet prospecting over fifteen years ago during college, I literally spent hour upon hour pouring through the internet trying to learn what to do, where to go, and how to do things to FIND WHAT I NEEDED, my X’s.  With starting the greatest hobby around, gold prospecting, a few years ago, I was once again thrown to the wolves of internet research land.

And boy, I had thought I had seen everything…but gold prospecting and metal detecting websites showed me how difficult the internet can be to gather good solid gold nuggets of information.

There are so many out of date websites and in-your-face commercial sites, just figuring out where to start it literally felt like I was removing glacial till and digging for gold nuggets on bedrock a thousand feet down…with a garden trowel.

I started this website because I want to make your internet research and e Gold Prospecting experience much better than mine was.  Also, I want to give something back for the awesome experiences I am having prospecting for gold.

Here you will ONLY find the gold nuggets of information I continue to uncover during my diggings and the specific sites I use regularly when researching new areas, items, or ideas.   Be sure to sign up here or follow me on Twitter “Looking4Gold79” to keep up with all the new resources I find.

Most importantly, let me know what you are looking for, so I can GET YOU TO YOUR X!!


January 2012

Rocky Mountains USA

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