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Hills along Bonanza Creek near Chisana. These hills were the location of extensive gold mining operations in the early part of the twentieth century, such as Earl Hirst's operation pictured here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes everyone needs just a little help learning where to find gold!

Whether you have been gold prospecting for years or are just now getting started,  Please enter text here...

Tracking down where to find gold in your neighborhood is the first step when you decide to start gold prospecting.  Even before buying any gold prospecting and mining equipment you need to know…

“Can I find gold in an area close to me?”

After I decided to start prospecting for fun as an excuse to get into the woods and creeks with the kids, I FIRST spent several months reviewing gold mining and prospecting information online.

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Through internet research I discovered three old gold mining camps which were NOT listed in any claim report.  Guess where I went prospecting SECOND as gold prospecting season opened?  Yep, straight to the gold mining spots which other folks had forgotten about!

How Where To Find Gold Helps You

Here on Where To Find Gold, I help you clean off the overburden of over two BILLION internet search results for “where to find gold” to provide you with solid gold pay dirt.

If you have the time and ability to follow the path I have cleared for you to do your own research, I hope the resources available here on Where To Find Gold are useful to you.  Please link to us whenever possible to leave some breadcrumbs to help others out of the deep, dark internet information-hole!

 You Can Start Gold Prospecting Immediately

Although I have cleaned the overburden, there is still a lot of research work to do before gold prospecting!  If you either don’t have the time or the desire to pour over page after page of information, I will help you get started much quicker…

Whether you are stumped on looking up new gold prospecting areas or need a custom prospecting plan created, I want to help you have the best gold prospecting adventure you can! 

Since every need is different there is no standard “price list” for my gold prospecting research services, please complete the form below and I will be in touch with a custom estimate for what you need.

Get Help On Where To Find Gold

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