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cordell holding 177 ounce gold nugget ballarat australia


So I just finished interviewing Cordell Kent of The Mining Exchange Gold Shop in Ballarat Victoria Australia...and I can't stop listening to it!!  A quick teaser from Cordell: mp3 Audio Snippet...(opens in new tab) So he walks in and says "Mate, I found a good one."  I said, "Good on ya! How big?" "5.4." I said, "Grams?"...he said, "No mate." I said, "Ounces?"...again he said, "No mate." I said, "KILOS?"...He said, "YEAH MATE!!" Join me here at e Gold Prospecting and Read more [...]
177 oz gold nugget ballarat australia

What do YOU want to know about the 177 oz. gold nugget found last week?

If you could ask anything about finding a 177 oz. gold nugget... What do you want to know? I have scored an interview with the mate of the Aussie metal detectorist that found the 177 ounce nugget last week outside of a short video of the find here. While the detectorist wants to remain anonymous, and with finding a nugget worth over $300,000 who wouldn't, his long-time mate Cordell is the front man with the scoop!! While Read more [...]
where to find gold for prospecting

Before You Can Prospect You Must Know Where To Find Gold

By: J.C. Allen Old Prospector Quote:  "Wherever the gold is. It is. Wherever I am, it ain't." The most challenging part about finding gold is, well, finding it. The most popular spots in Alaska and California are becoming much more active now that the mineral is worth almost $1,700 per ounce. The real question every gold prospector seeking some yellow begins "where can I find gold?" Gold has been found throughout the world, and can still be located just have to find the likely locations, Read more [...]
wyoming gold prospecting areas south pass area

Gold Prospecting In Wyoming

With the recently soaring rate for an ounce of gold and the outdoor adventure awaiting you, it is time to revitalize one of man's earliest of distractions (and business opportunity) in the Rocky Mountains... Gold Prospecting and Mining! More than 100 years ago when Wyoming was still a territory, there was a whole lot of attention in gold prospecting. The communities of South Pass City and Atlantic City sprung up along the Oregon Trail literally overnight between Lander and Farson as miners, and Read more [...]