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How to find gold once you get started prospecting.


By: J.C. Allen So what if after "prepping" for TEOTWAWKI you decide, hmm...perhaps I should get outta Dodge instead of hunkering down? As gold prospectors, who happen to read historical tea leaves and not like our country's current path, we inherently know the value of our chosen hobby, which for some of us is precisely why we spend our weekends climbing rocks, digging in stream banks.  We are doing the Prepper's Trifecta: exercising our minds, bodies, AND building our valuable supplies at Read more [...]

Get Started Gold Prospecting

Want To Know Where to Find Gold Anywhere You Are Located? Learn How To Find Gold With Gold Prospecting Research right now!! Before Spending Money Any Equipment!! There is an old saying amongst gold prospectors that "Gold is where you find it."  Since this was true even in the past when gold was sold at a fixed price of US$20.67 per ounce, with today's historically high gold prices, you, me and any new gold rush prospector will truly take gold from any dirt, stream, or rock where we can find gold! However, Read more [...]

How To Pan for Gold? Here’s A Quick Tip!

Easy Gold Panning How-To Trick When I started panning for gold last year, not only was I panning streams downstream of some old claims, I was BRAND NEW to prospecting and gold panning. Not knowing any better I was taking much too long to sample and work my pans.  Of course, I did not want to lose any gold. My quick solution to keeping all gold plus speed up panning? One day on a whim, I threw some small non-lead, painted fishing weights into each pan.  My reasoning was if I kept the weights, Read more [...]
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The Best Route Planning for Gold Prospecting

Using Google Earth™ mapping service for Gold Prospecting For any folks who might not be aware...there are many great Google Earth™ mapping service overlays which can benefit the gold prospector.  From Geologic formation maps to specific geochemical analysis of stream sediments you can find virtually unlimited resources to help you find more gold.  However, one of the best to get you started looking for gold are Topographic Map Overlays for anywhere in North America. If you need help finding Read more [...]
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DiY Rockin’ Gold Cradle How To Build A Rocker

Do It Yourself Rockin' Gold Cradle-How To Build A Rocker Pulling from different sources on the best way to process placer gold, we have started a new DiY prospecting & mining equipment project. Building a Gold Cradle or Rocker.... Here is the final product... Follow along here to see JC's Rockin' Gold Cradle as it comes together from scratch and runs its first "pay-dirt" (though sadly that will be a few more months until the creeks unfreeze & start running. Stage#1...Material Read more [...]