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Find Landmarks To Prospect Around

By: J.C. Allen Hey hey fellow prospector! Here is a quick dig tip that I found to essentially create a Google EarthTM grid overlay that will easily show you a bearing because we were actually looking around during our recent trip to Colorado and going, “Well, what the heck peak is that over there?” And so what we did is you can actually go into this free service that’s actually going to be in the member's Launchpad. So if you join me here at and sign up, just your email Read more [...]
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“Free” Prospecting Help Is Not Really Free

When you take on volunteer-help prospecting or gold mining, either by choice or just because your wife's brother is in town, be sure you make a fully informed decision.  Work will taper off as pay continues and the rate of pay will increase....until no work is done! Be sure to share this on your favorite social network, unless you are the volunteer, then immediately call me at 888-963-9375 extension 3.  The cost to remove this evidence is 1 or 2 troy ounces....depends on yer attitude 😉 Read more [...]