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New Research Resource For Today’s Gold Prospector

One other one that has been shared with me recently by my buddy, my mate over in Australia Cordell Kent. If you remember back to one of the very early episodes, I was able to interview Cordell and he was the guy who was selling the 177-ounce gold nugget that was found in the Ballarat area of Australia there in Victoria back in January and I interviewed Cordell. Man, we’ve become good mates here over the last few weeks and he shared with me a solid gold nugget of information that he uses to research Read more [...]
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The Toughest Part of Prospecting? Deciding Where To Go!

By: J.C. Allen When I started prospecting just over two years ago, one of my first major purchases was a metal detector.  Since the closest "proven" gold in my neighborhood for prospecting is almost two hours away, I wanted to enjoy the prospecting adventure regardless of location or "gold" being searched for.  Metal detecting provides the very same challenges and great times with the kids, so I was hooked! Now that I have been fully focused on researching for likely metal detecting or other Read more [...]
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Prospecting 101: Tutorials To Help Your Gold Prospecting And Metal Detecting

All videos and processes used are necessarily specific to an example allow me to show you how to prospect. HOWEVER, the skills and resources shown can be used to prospect ANY WHERE, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE!!  Remember to pause the videos to allow you to prospect along with me! Continue down the path to your personal X!  Where do you want to go now? Or read some of our recent nuggets of information to help you out... Read more [...]