where to find gold in canda resources

Where To Find Gold In Canada Resources

where to find gold in canda resources

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General Resources

Canada Gold Panning Clubs

During my regular e gold prospecting, I found a listing for Canadian gold panning/prospecting clubs which may help you learn where to find gold in your area or if you are visiting Canada. Some of the clubs may even have some gold prospecting spots and claims for you to work similar to the USA’s Gold Prospectors Association of America.

Canadian Gold Prospecting Clubs By Province

The Canadian National Gold Panners Association maintains the list, which includes clubs for the Yukon, Alberta, & BC. However, it appears to be the most valuable page as their website is otherwise sparse…though I do like their objectives:

Our Vision is that all people will learn about and appreciate the role that gold panning played in Canadian history. That people will strive to protect and pass on this valuable heritage to future generations.

Our Mission is to assist organizations and individuals in promoting gold panning by making visible the role that gold panning played in the history of Canada.

Our Goal is to collect and disseminate information and resources by correlating the efforts of gold panning organizations across Canada.

And if you want to help out or maybe add other clubs to their list, the CNGPA requests:

Any help or suggestions are welcome, please call.

Gold Prospecting & Mining Resources By Province (more coming soon)

British Columbia


Yukon Territory



If you have experience with any of the resources listed, please let us know your thoughts below.

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