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Before You Can Prospect You Must Know Where To Find Gold

By: J.C. Allen

Old Prospector Quote:  “Wherever the gold is. It is. Wherever I am, it ain’t.”

The most challenging part about finding gold is, well, finding it. The most popular spots in Alaska and California are becoming much more active now that the mineral is worth almost $1,700 per ounce. The real question every gold prospector seeking some yellow begins “where can I find gold?”

Gold has been found throughout the world, and can still be located today…you just have to find the likely locations, then the really hard work begins. The same spots which had “gold rushes” are very popular for picking up some of the remnants what gold miners of the original rushes missed.  Did you know that old time miners LOST over 20% of the gold in their pay-dirt through inefficiency?

These days with the speed of communication, we can always hear of great finds like the 177 ounce nugget found in a historic mining district of Australia or some other locale that just gets your mind racing.  BUT it also tells you that there is still plenty of gold out there for today’s gold prospector.

There is good news for gold miners looking for where to find gold. One little known fact about finding gold is that there has been gold found all over America, from the hills of Missouri to the valleys of Arizona. Other countries also have significant gold deposits, but some are harder to reach given local topography, sediment buildup, and high water tables.  Some of these sites continue to steadily produce gold for even the most inexperienced of miners.

The trick to finding opportune areas is to research. You need to read up as much as possible on past gold sites and make wise guesses as to which will still produce gold.

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The trick to electronic prospecting to narrow your search is to read around…old books, geological survey bulletins, review old maps, and many more spots. There are a wide number of books already published on the topic that will help you get an idea of just where to start your search.

When you can narrow it down to no more than a local town, then visit the local geological department if one is available at either the local county extension office or college. Make friends with the staff there and read up on the local reports. The amount of findings, time of the year, weather, location of any gold mines or shafts and amount of rain in the past six months are all things you should take into consideration.

All of this information will help you determine not only your chances of finding gold at any given time, but it will also help you determine which gold finding method will produce the best results.  I will be visiting some ancient river bed gravels later this spring, but I wouldn’t have been able to find those without spending the time and energy to research the prospects adequately.

There are more things to pay attention to, as well. Notice things such as the gold type, such as alluvial or deep lead. Is the gold found in creek sampling coarse or smooth?  If you learn the nature of the gold you’re trying to hunt, then it will be easier to form a strategy on how to best capture it.

Just remember that the thing that separates gold prospecting and mining is knowledge. Success is just a byproduct.

Get the gold!  And let me know what you find….

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