177 oz gold nugget ballarat australia

What do YOU want to know about the 177 oz. gold nugget found last week?

If you could ask anything about finding a 177 oz. gold nugget…
questions questions
What do you want to know?

I have scored an interview with the mate of the Aussie metal detectorist that found the 177 ounce nugget last week outside of Ballarat…watch a short video of the find here.

While the detectorist wants to remain anonymous, and with finding a nugget worth over $300,000 who wouldn’t, his long-time mate Cordell is the front man with the scoop!!

While I have more than enough questions myself for Cordell…what do you want to know about the find?

Click now to REPLY, and let me know your question and I will fit it in…

You will be able to hear the interview on The Gold Prospecting Show when I publish it next week.

So stay tuned!!

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