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Where To Find Gold In Virginia (And Just About Anywhere Else)

By J.C. Allen

Hey guys this is JC from e Gold  Just thought I’d spend a little bit of time here on Saturday.  I’m stuck at work, hopefully you are out prospecting!  If not, I’m going to try and help you out today.

Watch the video or continue reading the transcription below…

 Gold Prospecting In Virginia

We are going to look for some gold in Virginia. So we are just going to jump over to the e Gold Prospecting Launvirginia prospecting landscapechpad which is available through our main site.  If you just sign up, you get access to the Launchpad, which has a lot of gold prospecting resources for us.

First thing we are going to is search for “Mineral” and we are going to come up and search the Mineral Resources Data System.

Let’s just pick a state, Virginia, and lets look for “gold.”

Alright, click search…whoa! We got 440 matches for Virginia and Gold! Here are all the counties listed down this column.  The name of the site and the deposit ID number.  Lets narrow that down a little bit.  Lets go for gold “Placer” operations. Just so we don’t have as many to work with.

Virginia Gold Results

Alright, there you go.  In Goochland county, and Flyod county, Prince William, Buckingham, and Flyod.  The gold prospects are ones where there is a likelihood of it.  If you click on the details, it gives you the latitude and longitude.  And where its a prospect and then who reported on it, so you can actually dig a little bit deeper.  The Eastern Field Operations Center I imagine for the USGS, United States Geological Survey. And get more details on this prospect.

Let us just pick one in Goochland (county).  Here’s a mine. It is a past gold producer.  Once again the Eastern Field Operations.  But actually, let us go a little bit further and let’s download those as a Google Earth TM shape file, actually a .kml is what it is called.

That is an overlay and you can view it right in Google Maps TM without opening Google Earth TM.  I don’t know about you but Google Earth TM is extremely taxing on my computer resources. So it is opening the .kml, here is the gold prospect records down the side.  And here they are on the map.  You can see they are clustered up here, east of Charlottesville.  Between Charlottesville and Richmond, that I-64 corridor is gorgeous!  So if you are over in that area it is not a bad place to check out.

Let us zoom in a little bit…alright there we go…there is Goochland the city. So in this gold prospecting cluster right here…and if you click on any one of those, it comes up with the information for it and where you can get more details.

So let me pause right here and show you something else that is great to do when gold prospecting.

Using Historic Topographic Maps For Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting

As you can see these are all closed mines and prospects and or occurrences.  There is not a whole lot going on there, but definitely an area to check for old gold mines and prospects.

We can actually see the old topo maps since these are closed gold mines, it means they are not operational, so once again back on the e Gold Prospecting Launchpad.

If we look for “topographic”, and scroll down to the next instance of it…there is a lot of historical topo resources here on e Gold Prospecting.  You can check lots of them but jump in and see…what it will give you is this.  Doesn’t look like much right now, but when you zoom in…that same area we were looking at and the gold prospecting area is actually northeast of Goochland.

So one thing we need to do is find out which map is over to the west of this one, and it is “Palmyra” so this is a map from 1888.  The Palmyra map, I hope I’m saying that right for my Virginia friends, I am from back east but…so the Palmyra is from 1889.  As you can see there is the Goochland side.

And the things we are looking at, if you flip back over, zoom out just a little bit…let us see here. Alright, so the gold prospecting spots are centered along Community House Road north and south of there.  And Lowry Road to the west.

Actually what you can look for is drainages, is probably the best thing to use back east because you don’t have peaks to go off of.  But you can look for this drainage, the Little Bird Creek drainage coming up off of the James River.

Create A Custom Overlay To Zero In On Your Gold Prospecting Sites

So you can follow that drainage up to the gold prospecting locations and you can overlay where old maps are.  I did this for a gold prospecting research project for a great guy from Georgia.  I was able to overlay the actual historical gold mine locations with occurrences and everything else.  From 1889 I was able to overlay it onto a Google Earth TM map and submitted it with the gold prospecting project we were doing.

If you want to learn how to do that, jump over to e Gold, sign up over there…we are going to be developing some tutorials and other things which will allow you to take that gold information and overlay it yourself.

There is also other resources in the e Gold Prospecting Launchpad, that will get you get different years.  So if it is not, in the older maps, there are also some newer maps from the 1940-60’s, so you can actually check those out and see if there are any picks & axes marking gold mine locations on the topo maps.

Metal Detecting Old Cabins, Villages, And Other Spots

One other thing these old topographic maps will do for you.  If you are a metal detectorist, or relic hunter, it shows you old cemeteries.  In fact the older maps will show where old cabins or historic sites and villages were.  Like this one east of Little Bird Creek…Bula.

It will give you great spots where to detect for gold prospecting, coin hunting, or anything you want to do out in the prospecting field.  So get out there find some gold, I’m hoping this little Saturday tutorial can help you out in the future.

Join me over at e Gold  I will have this and many more resources for the gold prospector, metal detectorist, and coin or relic hunter.

Take Care and thanks for watching!

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