Gold Prospecting Tutorial # 1 | Using the USGS MRDS

Using the USGS MRDS to know where to find gold

Written Transcript

Using the USGS MRDS Tutorial

Hey guys, this is JC from over at eGold

Wanted to do a tutorial series on helping you know where to find gold.  Going to do the first one on using the United States Geological Survey Mineral Resource Data System.

And if you just go to, it will pull up and connect you straight into the United States Geological Survey’s Mineral Resource Data System.

Worldwide Resource for Finding Gold

No matter where you are in the world, if the USGS knows about any minerals in your country, it will be listed.  If you are in the U.S., you can pick your state.  We are just going to do a quick sample.

Go to Argentina, and we are going to change our commodity to “gold.”  It shows all the different types of minerals that they have listed.

And we are going to hit “Search.”

You can see they have 309 matches for Argentina.  It lists the different provinces, or states, or territories depending on where you are located in the world.  Then if you come over to the left hand column and click on one of the Deposit ID numbers it will pull up the details you need for that location.

It will give you a latitude and longitude, what type of producer it is, what type of deposit it is, where the reference was found and pulled from.  You can see this is from a national mineral and geological survey done in 1991 by Argentina.  And the primary commodity is gold.

So, if you happen to be near that latitude and longitude which if you just punch that into Google Earth™ or actually if you pull it up you can go right to it on Google Earth™  or Google Maps™ mapping services.

And there it is!

Use To Know Where to Go Gold Prospecting or Mining

Right click on it, select get directions to there.  Punch in where you are starting from and you are ready to go!

Get in the field, go prospecting!

So no matter where you are at in the world, you have access to this information.  I hope that helps you know where to find gold.

Feel free to join us, bookmark eGold  I will have the tutorials listed in the upper right hand column as you can see, tutorial #1 Using USGS MRDS.

Hope that helps, this is JC and get out there and find some gold!


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