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DiY Rockin’ Gold Cradle How To Build A Rocker

Do It Yourself Rockin’ Gold Cradle-How To Build A Rocker

Pulling from different sources on the best way to process placer gold, we have started a new DiY prospecting & mining equipment project. Building a Gold Cradle or Rocker….

Here is the final product…

gold rocker cradle diy build side view gold rocker cradle

Follow along here to see JC’s Rockin’ Gold Cradle as it comes together from scratch and runs its first “pay-dirt” (though sadly that will be a few more months until the creeks unfreeze & start running.

Stage#1…Material Gathering & Preparation Rockin’ Gold Cradle Rocker

Total Time Spent: 45 minutes

Total Money Spent: $0

  1. Prepare Your Materials
    1. Tools Needed:   reclaim tools
    2. Gather Raw Material…find old pallets and boxes which folks are throwing away.reclaim raw material
    3. Disassemble the pallets and boxes.  Remove as many nails and staples.  It will make it easier to cut and assemble later lumber reclaimed
    4. What Next?   Review the diagram and rough Bill of Materials and prepare to cut this design:  JC Rockin Gold Cradle v 1

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