By: J.C. Allen

So what if after “prepping” for TEOTWAWKI you decide, hmm…perhaps I should get outta Dodge instead of hunkering down?

As gold prospectors, who happen to read historical tea leaves and not like our country’s current path, we inherently know the value of our chosen hobby, which for some of us is precisely why we spend our weekends climbing rocks, digging in stream banks.  We are doing the Prepper’s Trifecta: exercising our minds, bodies, AND building our valuable supplies at the same time.

Well, since gold is part of a well rounded precious metal strategy, you know brass, lead, silver, & gold, here is a way to move it…even after the zombies have risen…

Despite being pretty well versed in gold and its properties, I only recently learned that by using a chemical combination of acids, you can actually destroy gold in its visible form, but you cannot destroy its atoms.  I stumbled onto this great property of gold after preparing

kids gold panning

Local kids gold panning after summer reading program about Gold Prospecting.

a school-kid program about Gold Prospecting for the local summer reading program.

It turns out there is historic proof of the effectiveness of this strategy when it comes to Dark Times

During the rise of the Third Reich, as Hilter’s troops marched across Europe, there is a story on the interwebs that two German Nobel Prize winners did not escape with their medals prior to all exits being shut down. 

Since the Nobel Prizes are pretty noble, and made of 23 karat gold, they were sent to Denmark before Hilter could confiscate the gold, like Roosevelt did here in the USA back in 1933. Then as the German infection continued to spread into Denmark, George de Hevesy, the scientist the medals were sent to, dissolved the medals in a solution called, Aqua Regia, and placed the bottle on his workshop shelf.

Aqua Regia literally means Royal Water…I wonder if the kings of old would have actually consumed it. Probably beats out Colloidal Silver 😉

When the war was over, the undisturbed bottle and its contents, the liquified gold, were returned to the Nobel Prize committee and re-cast into their original medal form.  However, they were even purer than the originals since Aqua Regia destroys all other compounds, and 24 karat gold is only 99.9% pure.

Anyways enough about the historical TEOTWAWKI use of this method, here is a quick time lapse video of a 1/20th troy ounce gold Maple Leaf dissolving in aqua regia….extra cautions apply: don’t try this at home; only qualified people should handle, and other lawyer-ese…

Applications for Gold Transportation In Bad Times

So if you have been able to acquire some gold as just one component of your TEOTWAWKI preparations, should you eventually realize that your shelter-in-place strategy needs to be revisited, you can still keep and move your gold. And if you do it right there won’t be any prying eyes to “confiscate” your Krugerrands, Leafs, or Eagles.

Although before you begin your relocation, you may have to liquidate those cases of brass and lead “assets”, but at least you will be able to maintain some of hard earned value for future re-building at your final destination.

So, what’s in your cabinet?  Hmmm…217px-Bismuth_subsalicylate

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