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The Best Route Planning for Gold Prospecting

Using Google Earth™ mapping service for Gold Prospecting

For any folks who might not be aware…there are many great Google Earth™ mapping service overlays which can benefit the gold prospector.  From Geologic formation maps to specific geochemical analysis of stream sediments you can find virtually unlimited resources to help you find more gold.  However, one of the best to get you started looking for gold are Topographic Map Overlays for anywhere in North America. If you need help finding overlays for other countries, just let me know here.

Why Is This A Good Option

I especially love utilizing this route because not only are most resources available are free, but it allows you several options to make your limited time in the field prospecting for gold much more productive.

  • You can view the topographic elevations to see the water courses,
  • Overlay a custom track, route, make waypoints, or
  • Label any other points of interest (I use it to mark geologic boundaries and fault lines), and then
  • Best of all, export it directly to your GPS device for use in the field.

Here is one of the better custom overlay creation services I have found and use regularly is GPS Visualizer which can be found here…

Just enter the Latitude and Longitude you want to build the overlay around, then specify any other parameters you want to modify.  Finally, make sure to select from the best map option for your area in the last drop down.

Then have fun prospecting!

Here’s a sample for an area I’ll be hitting in June…

The red is one of my paths in.  The yellow are fault lines.

One last bonus, using this option, you can quickly and easily toggle the topo overlay off to view satellite pics too.

While this isn’t much, I hope this helps point you in the best direction to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!  And don’t forget, if you can’t find gold close to where you live be sure to try relic/treasure prospecting for some of the same great times and rewards gold prospecting provides.

Make  sure you see all the e gold nuggets of information we find…sign up for delivery to your inbox.  And since our primary aim is to help folks, if you have a specific research need prospected but don’t want to do it yourself or just can’t seem to figure it out, just let us know how we can help.  Send us a quick note here.

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