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Poor Man’s DIY Gold Snare

Here is your free gift! A Custom Bill of Materials Calculator to create your own custom Poor Man’s Gold Snare…just enter your dimensions in the yellow boxes and print your personal design. (p.s. Let me know in the comments below if a calculation isn’t working properly…I have checked but sometimes Gremlins get into the mix)
Now watch the Poor Man’s DIY Gold Snare In Action!!


Now that we cannot just run our dredge barge along a river bottom looking for gold everywhere, once you have done your gold prospecting online and your field testing have yielded some great shows of color, it is now time to begin processing more material.

One very important process between gold prospecting and “mining” is finding the most PRODUCTIVE place to set-up your custom built gold rocker, sluice or dredge operations.

The Poor Man’s Gold Snare I built provides several important features over and above a gold rocker cradle or even a sluice:

  1. Portability (mine fits in my backpack)
  2. Decent throughput (almost as fast as you can shovel)
  3. NO Classification Required
  4. Solid capture of gold born in the materials!

Although there are commercial models available which accomplish the same function, they start at $100 and go up.  Being a CAB (Cheap-A#$-Bas*&^%) with six kids, I set out to make the Poor Man’s Gold Snare out of leftover or found materials.

Here is what I did and with a little bit of time and minimal construction skill you can too.

Cost: <$10 in materials

Time Required: One Lazy Afternoon With the Kids

Issue from Field Gold Prospecting Trials:

This set-up needs a lot of water flow, which sadly varies too much in our mountains…it is flood-stage one day and barely enough to quench a horse the next, so we had to be part beaver to get it processing shovel fulls well. We built a mini-dam area and placed the Gold Snare in the outlet.  The concentrates stayed in the box perfectly.

Gold Snare Design version 1.0


click to enlarge image

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