Find Landmarks To Prospect Around

By: J.C. Allen

Hey hey fellow prospector! Here is a quick dig tip that I found to essentially create a Google EarthTM grid overlay that will easily show you a bearing because we were actually looking around during our recent trip to Colorado and going, “Well, what the heck peak is that over there?”

And so what we did is you can actually go into this free service that’s actually going to be in the member’s Launchpad. So if you join me here at and sign up, just your email address, you will have access to these resources.

So this is one that will be added to the launch pad. It’s called a Google Earth Grid. What you do is you punch in your latitude and longitude (in decimal minutes with just numbers with + or – ) and what bearing you want it to draw and it will overlay that bearing AND give you a .kml file to download and open with your G’gle Earth.

One thing that you will notice when you open your file in G’gle Earth when it was opening up, there was a huge line. Huge lines drawn around the globe essentially and what I did is we were interested in seeing what peak was down here in the Roosevelt National Forest and so you punch in where you’re at and it turned out it was Mount Ethel and what that does is it just takes your bearing and overlays the bearing as a line, as you can see on my Google Earth. It just overlays it for you across your entire globe in Google Earth.

So once again, you punch in your latitude and longitude and your bearing and then you just click to get your download link. It gives it to you as a KML and then you can select the grid style. You can turn it into a cube. I just did the tetrahedron which is that three-dimensional, multi-sided figure but man, they’ve got all kinds of stuff, stuff I can’t even pronounce – icosahedron (the one I am currently using for my bearing overlays) and dodecahedron. But anyway, you math guys may know more about that stuff than I do. So that’s another great resource to help your gold prospecting or metal detecting.

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