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specific prospecting packageYou provide your X, the target, and your desired geographic area…We provide eight hours of research to get you gold prospecting or metal detecting IMMEDIATELY!We show you the places that we’d go, FOCUSED on those which meet your criteria!

It is up to you how you use our time. Want in-depth site-specific research or just general information about the top spots? We can do anything!

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From Jason who found a 1890 Morgan dollar using his Specific Prospecting Package…Hey JC! There is no way to put a price on the info you got for me, let me just say…I would charge double that for the time you put into gathering everything together. If you ever need anything from down my way and I can help, all you have to do is ask.


Your Specific Prospecting Package includes all historical research, mapping overlays, a convenient overview video, and any other useful information found during our research.

Your first report will be delivered within seven business days from your order. If we can’t find you at least one solid lead for metal detecting or gold prospecting, you don’t owe us anything.

Enter Your County, State
Enter Your Desired Target

Details: You are paying for, and we are providing, video, research reports and information made with our time and experience. While most resources are in the public domain, we do not claim, nor provide, reuse rights to any material. Other use is subject to individual material’s copyright policies as applicable.


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Using the skills I share here,
I found three old and forgotten claims
on my FIRST day prospecting!

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