Gold Prospecting In Arkansas

Click to see Jason's Arkansas "gold" finds! See other Arkansas Gold Locations   Current Arkansas Gold Prospecting News:  on April 18, 2013, we got this from J. E.: Gold was found in Madison county and Washington county Arkansas just last month. It was fine gold mostly and 1 nugget that I seen. A friend of mine showed me the gold and spots he found it. as soon as I find a pan I'm going. J.E. came back after his prospecting trip and let us know that he did find some color, but he kept Read more [...]


By: J.C. Allen So what if after "prepping" for TEOTWAWKI you decide, hmm...perhaps I should get outta Dodge instead of hunkering down? As gold prospectors, who happen to read historical tea leaves and not like our country's current path, we inherently know the value of our chosen hobby, which for some of us is precisely why we spend our weekends climbing rocks, digging in stream banks.  We are doing the Prepper's Trifecta: exercising our minds, bodies, AND building our valuable supplies at Read more [...]

Find Landmarks To Prospect Around

By: J.C. Allen Hey hey fellow prospector! Here is a quick dig tip that I found to essentially create a Google EarthTM grid overlay that will easily show you a bearing because we were actually looking around during our recent trip to Colorado and going, “Well, what the heck peak is that over there?” And so what we did is you can actually go into this free service that’s actually going to be in the member's Launchpad. So if you join me here at and sign up, just your email Read more [...]

New Research Resource For Today’s Gold Prospector

One other one that has been shared with me recently by my buddy, my mate over in Australia Cordell Kent. If you remember back to one of the very early episodes, I was able to interview Cordell and he was the guy who was selling the 177-ounce gold nugget that was found in the Ballarat area of Australia there in Victoria back in January and I interviewed Cordell. Man, we’ve become good mates here over the last few weeks and he shared with me a solid gold nugget of information that he uses to research Read more [...]
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GPS Resource for Helping You Find Gold

By: J.C. Allen Hey, hey fellow prospectors!  Today, I’m going to give you a couple of quick tips that I’ve learned here in the last week or so while doing some research and prepping for our first prospecting scouting trip of the year where we went down to Central Colorado. I will share some things that we learned down there as well as get you some quick digs that I found this week of gold nuggets of information that will help your prospecting and help you get going a bit quicker. So let’s Read more [...]