gold prospecting and metal detecting tutorials

Prospecting 101: Tutorials To Help Your Gold Prospecting And Metal Detecting

All videos and processes used are necessarily specific to an gold prospecting and metal detecting tutorialsexample area…to allow me to show you how to prospect.

HOWEVER, the skills and resources shown can be used to prospect ANY WHERE, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE!!  Remember to pause the videos to allow you to prospect along with me!

Using The U.S. Geological Survey To Find Gold Locations Around The World
Where To Find Gold Anywhere Using USGS & Maps

Prospecting History For Where To Find Relics & Gold
How To Go Prospecting With The LR2000 Mining Claims Report

Prospecting With Historical Topographic Maps
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Using the skills I share here,
I found three old and forgotten claims
on my FIRST day prospecting!

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