gold mining in california

Historic Gold Miner & Prospecting Pictures Round 1

If you spend any amount of time gold prospecting, do you always begin to wonder how did the ol’ timers do it?  Since I spend way too much time stuck at work when I’d rather be out in the field prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I am continually stumbling onto some great old finds.

Today I went back around to a resource I found last year, and found quite a few more solid gold nuggets of old timey gold mining pictures…I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

What gold prospecting and miner tricks can you find in these photos to put to use in your operations? 

Last winter, I made a gold cradle based on some old gold miner photos like the ones below.  However, I also used some old Australian prospector pictures as well.  For some reason they used a slightly different design from the California gold cradles I have seen.  The cradles or rockers are used when gold is being processed in areas with very little water available.  By digging a holding area at the end of the rocker outlet, you can actually reuse the water quite a bit before you need to replace it with fresh water.  Think of an old-school recirculating pump and you will get the idea….

gold miner picture of rocker cradle

Rocking the cradle in California gold fields.

Here are some more historic pictures and drawings from old California sluice box gold mining…

gold mining with sluice box

Flume and water wheel feeding sluice box.

hard work in the gold mines

Working the diggings…
Chinese gold miners in California.

historic gold mine photos

Drawings of different ways to get gold in California.

sluice box gold mining

The sluice box processing material from hydraulic mining in California’s gold fields.





gold mine photo

Gold mine at Long Gulch near Yreka California.

gold miners in california

Gold miners working near El Dorado California.

gold placer mine photo

Placer mining area near Old Virginia City, Placer County, California.

placer gold mining photo

Another photo of placer mining area near Old Virginia City, Placer County, California.

I will continue to upload more historic gold mining and prospecting photos as I find them!  Let me know if you have any comments or want full quality versions of these pictures….just drop me a note at “JC AT” with the subject “Old Gold Miner Photos” and I will see what I can do for you.

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