History Can Guide You Where To Find Gold

The Diary of A Forty-Niner

When you know where to find gold either on-line or in the real-world, the sky is the limit!  Being a fan of history and finding several of

Chinese Man Mining Along River

Chinese Man Mining Along River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my prime prospecting spots through old newspapers, I continually dig through the dark, musty archives available on-line and occasionally I’m rewarded with a nugget or two.

Continuing my digging after an earlier find, “Letter From an 1850 Miner,” following the paystreak, I found another book/diary of an “forty-niner.”  The insights and information can be useful for you during today’s new gold rush.

While there is a claim that this book may be fiction,  reading it I’m not sure I can tell one way or the other.  Take a little time and you be the judge and let me know what you think in the comments below.

No matter whether I am tied to my desk “e gold prospecting,” hoofing around in the field, or visiting with other folks, I always ask myself:

Is the information, techniques, or thoughts going to help me

 know how and where to find gold?

This book is a definite “YES” as some of the techniques and practices are very informative.  Heck, if I was lucky enough to be able to load up for a year in the woods prospecting, I’d probably use this to prepare my supplies and mind for the adventure.

The first two chapters’ topics:


The Hardships of a Miner’s Life–Letters From Home–The Express Rider and His Welcome Call–The Beginnings of Nevada City–Tapping a Monte Bank–A Fascinating Twenty-One Dealer–Wingdaming the River–An Indian Funeral Ceremony–The Ups and Downs of Mining–The Advent of the Long-Tom on Rock Creek.


Bunking With Pard–A Rich Claim–The First Ground Sluice–Siestas Under the Big Pine–Naming the Town–A Dog Fight and a Purchase–The Grass-Widow Secures a Mate–A Shivaree and Its Consequences–Banished From Selby Flat–Anderson’s Eccentricities.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the book on those rainy nights and other times when you cannot be in the field doing your own gold prospecting.

The diary of a forty-niner.  in .html format is available at the link.

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