The Diary Of A Forty-Niner; Gold Miner In California

By: J.C. Allen

I love gold prospecting history and I have started a podcast and am currently reading from the old book, The Diary Of A Forty-Niner, which was compiled around 1895 or so.  It purports to be letters and diary entries by a gold miner from Connecticut who traveled to California during the gold rush of 1849 and 1850.

For fun, I have taken the locations, creeks, claims, etc. from the book and placed them into a Google Earth™ mapping service overlay for your education and information.  It is pretty neat to see the old locations and read the experiences of the old time gold miners.

Get the overlay here (this will be updated as I read more of the story)…listen to the podcast show here.

Take Care and Happy Prospecting,

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