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This page is provided as a resource, customized and dedicated, for all you great folks coming to visit e Gold Prospecting from the GPAA‘s Gold Prospectors Forum.  We hope these links are HELPING YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!!  The reason we created this page was thanks to a request from a new prospector for more detailed information than the forum makes easy to provide and catalog.  So here you go!

As I try to put solid information in my posts over at Gold I will provide more in-depth links here.

You can also see more gold nuggets of information as I dig them up, simply text “follow Looking4Gold79” to 40404 or if you are on Twitter simply follow us here.  I will get occasional information and links to help your prospecting.

Additional Resources For Gold
2012-02-22Digging Permits in USFSAnatomy of A Mine From Prospect to Production5.5 Mb .pdf
2012-02-17Suggestions on EquipmentGold Snare DiY Build.html
2012-02-12Prospecting KansasGeochemical Soil/Sediment Analysis.html
 2012-02-12Prospecting Kansas Geochemical Analysis by Site: Google Earth™ mapping service Overlay 2.3 Mb .kmz
2012-02-12Prospecting KansasNational Gold Concentration Map…USGS au aa map
2012-02-12Prospecting KansasAnd the sample  source types…USGS soil sample type map

  If you find any problem with this information,

please comment with the details below and I will find a solution.

While this isn’t much, I hope the information helps point you in the best direction to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!  And don’t forget, if you can’t find gold close to where you live be sure to try relic/treasure prospecting for some of the same great times and rewards gold prospecting provides.

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