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Are There Gold Claims For Prospecting In New Jersey?

Help For Our e Gold Prospecting Members…

Watch another installment of “I’m Stuck At Work And Would Rather Be Prospecting” tutorials in response to an inquiry from Keith M., I try to find gold mining claims or occurrences in New Jersey…the techniques and resources I use can help you know where to find gold anywhere in the world!!

Hey guys, its J.C.again. stuck at work yet another Saturday. But guess what? My loss is your gain. Today we’re gonna answer some member questions. I sent out just a note saying, ‘Hey,who needs some help doing some prospecting?’ and got a couple responses back. The one I’m gonna focus on right now is from Keith M. in New Jersey. And he said are there any claims in New Jersey?

Well, we’ll answer that here shortly, but the first thing I always do is, being a member of the GPAA, you get the Miner’s Guide each year and what that does is it gives you all the claims that the GPAA have and if there are no claims in the state it goes through and talks about gold that might have been found in certain counties even if they don’t have a claim.

But I just flipped right over to New Jersey and it says, ‘While there are no specific information on gold occurrences in New Jersey, placer gold will most certainly be found in streams that run through or drain from the glacial drift deposits in the northern part of the state. (But be sure to get landowner’s permission and everything else.)

Being back east, you don’t have a lot of public lands. You’ve got probably some state forest and some other things. You’ve gotta dig a little bit harder to find places to prospect.  Whereas out here in the west, like here in my area, more than three quarters of this area is public land, whether it’s National forest or BLM. You can prospect both of them, you just stay off of claimed spaces, claimed land, but you can prospect just about any place else. So, we’ve got it easier out here. We also have a lot more occurrences of gold, where you are relying on glaciers to have brought it down out of Canada. We actually have some glaciated areas here.

The area I live is just down from where there’s still some glaciers up top. So you didn’t think there might have been some here in the continental U.S. but there are. So… And in fact, I’m gonna get out and prospect some glacial fields later this summer, spring and summer. Anyways, after jumping into the Miner’s Guide and just taking a quick look, seeing if there’s anything, I can’t recommend the GPAA well enough.The access to claims just about anywhere in the country are there. It gives you an in so that you don’t have to spend as much time just digging. I love doing the e-research, being in e-prospecting looking for new areas helping people out, but if you want to jump over to e Gold and if you sign up you get immediate access to our launch pad. and what I’ve done is taken my two years of just digging, prospecting, learning and  just given you the best things that i use.  and so what you do to use the launch pad is you do a quick search on the page, and just to quickly jump to something is first thing we’re gonna do is go hit that USGS, United States Geological Survey, and they give you the occurrences of gold or any other mineral anywhere in the world.

Alright so all we’re going to search for is minerals and we are going to search the mineral resource data system. And if you followed my Virginia tutorial you will know that you just quickly select your state. We are doing New Jersey, and Keith, I’m hoping this helps you out, Buddy.

We are going select gold and search.  I believe the operation type is any and no records match the query. so there are no reports of mines, placers or occurrences which means it’s scattered. You will find it. You will find gold in just about every stream if you look hard enough and in the right places. There’s no claims in New Jersey.

The closest place may be… I know Pennsylvania is pretty close to there. Let’s search that. And there are a few in Pennsylvania coming up with the gold occurrences so you can look and maybe jump into those areas. It gives a lat and longitude of any of these. if you click the deposit ID number it provides the details of the latitude and longitude right here and if you take that and punch it into Google Earth mapping serviceTM right here, and let me just clean that up a little bit, and click search. it will zoom in on the area and actually we could have done that straight from the MRDS. So, Let me get back over to that.

There we go, and ‘show this location using Google EarthTM.’ we click right there. We don’t even need to copy and paste. we just click open with Google Earth mapping serviceTM and you can see it is very populated out there. The county I live in is the size of Connecticut and we’ve got ten thousand people. So..our elbow room out here is a little bit better. As you can see this was a past producer. The primary commodities they were getting were iron and cobalt and the secondary minerals were gold, copper, silver, and sulfur.

That will help you out there. we’ll get back over into the details. and it will give you references where the deposits are talked about in what bulletins and manuals. Most of these are available you just have to do a lot of digging to get down to them. You can order them on-line from the USGS. so I’ll take a look, see if I can’t do some more digging to see what I can find on New Jersey ….

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