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Gold Panning In Maine? Sure!

Gold locations in Maine known to the USGS…if it is possible for you to gold pan downstream from these spots, they’d be some of the best places to start.

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Maine Office Of GIS…listing of maps available online.  Use these to track down property ownership reviews…and property lines, etc.

Historic Topographic Map links…(links open in new tabs)…

Blue Hill 1901:  3 mines marked SE of Blue Hill (NOT in USGS database), and two south of Brooksville towards Herricks

A personal note from Cody H. a fellow prospector up in Maine:

thanks a lot jc!! i did know about the mines in blue hill most were for copper and lead but there was a bi-product of gold in all of them there is actually a line that goes all the way through the state that is mineral bearing with lots of mines on it and blue hill is right on it.

…i found a couple small flakes of gold yesterday, so small i had to get my magnifier out to see them but man was i excited !!!

haha there is nothing like freezing your hands off for a couple hours for seemingly nothing to actually see a little color in there. but thats all it took i’m hooked hard haha. thanks again for the info jc i appreciate it.

Glad to help Cody…after all it is why we are here!  Awesome news and I believe you now have the Yellow fever!!  Take Care, JC

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