New Research Resource For Today’s Gold Prospector

One other one that has been shared with me recently by my buddy, my mate over in Australia Cordell Kent. If you remember back to one of the very early episodes, I was able to interview Cordell and he was the guy who was selling the 177-ounce gold nugget that was found in the Ballarat area of Australia there in Victoria back in January and I interviewed Cordell.

Man, we’ve become good mates here over the last few weeks and he shared with me a solid gold nugget of information that he uses to research to research spots to prospect in Australia. It’s the National Library of Australia and it’s called Trove, sort of like treasure trove, T-R-O-V-E, and once again this will be in the launch pad.

What you’re able to do is I just did a quick search for gold prospecting and selected the resources they have available online and man, it came up with 22,000 books, 4000 pictures, and several – oh, 254,000 journals and articles. So if you’re looking for something, odds are they’ve got it because it’s not just Australia-specific. So once again, just jump in. Get the launch pad. This would be up at the top of the launch pad for the first two weeks or so. Then it will move under its proper classification.

Odds are it will probably be under Australia. But if you’re using the launch pad, you just click Control-F to find whatever you’re looking for. You just punch in something. I try to put in enough descriptions in there that you’re able to track down what you’re looking for.


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