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The Frustrations of High Country Gold Prospecting

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Chasing the Gold Amongst The White

When you live and work year-round in a place and elevation where people either visit only on vacation or leave annually for a second warmer home, the outdoor gold prospecting season never, ever starts as soon as you’d like.   The last time I was this frustrated was back in high school, but it was prospecting for other things and went by a different name….but I digress:When you get into gold prospecting and metal detecting, you spend all winter making equipment for faster gold pay-dirt prospecting and e prospecting for new places and techniques to use, but now since you have a “day-job” which ties you down, Mama Nature enjoys playing games with your prospecting or detecting psyche and best laid plans.

For the third rotation in a row (I work ten days on; four days off), Mrs. Nature is laughing her buttocks off at my plans to visit, prospect, and mine gold from some GPAA claims close by…

Our week-in-weather so far, while I have been working, scheming, and planning my trip….

This morning I wake up to an inch of slushy snow and then I get the forecast for my weekend off !  Nothing but dandruff off the old Nature hag’s bouffant:


While the very large snow pack and very late spring/summer is probably the main reason my area of the Rocky Mountains was never prospected extremely hard other than by those here doing other things:  ranching, beaver-trapping, etc., it continues to create frustration for today’s modern day prospector…me.

Starting….To….Get….The…Prospecting….Shakes…. MUST GO NOW!!

However, regardless of the weather and just to spite Mother Nature’s desire to keep pushing me, I will probably roll out the rocker cradle and metal detector anyways!  The snow melt the past few weeks has opened things up quite a bit and the streams are flowing strong!   I figure what the heck, might as well find some gold amongst the white stuff!

At least I do not have to light fires to thaw out permafrost as the placer gold miners did/do in Alaska!

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While this isn’t much, I hope this helps point you in the best direction to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!

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