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Yukon Gold Placer Prospecting

If you are interested in prospecting for gold in the placers of the Yukon Territory, this is the place to start.  The Yukon has a very rich, literally!, history of gold mining and in fact the Canadian government is very supportive of mining both lode and placer resources in the territory. While the paperwork involved in setting up an official operation can appear daunting for the new gold miner or prospector, the rewards in the rich placer grounds of the Yukon are well worth the time and energy Read more [...]

Yukon Gold Placer Atlas

Yukon Interactive Gold Placer Atlas To Help You Know Where to Find Gold This is a phenomenal resource to quickly scan a specific watershed for claimable areas. In addition, the Atlas provides over 20 information layers...geology, protected/park boundaries, current placer operations, and much more....all specifically with application to placer mining. Yukon Interactive Placer Watershed Atlas It does require Microsoft Silverlight to view, but the site will direct you to the plug-in for install should Read more [...]


Here at Where to Find Gold, I want to make your start in gold prospecting much easier. From how to run LR2000 claim reports to simply where to dig for gold once you are in the field, I will share the resources that have helped me know where to find gold the most.  For those that need immediate custom help, I'll do that too!! Hope some of this is useful to you, the new gold rush prospector. Take Care, Read more [...]