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how to stake your gold mining claim

Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold, OR, Staking A Gold Mining Claim! Part Two

By: J.C. Allen This is part two of "Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold" OR Staking A Gold Mining Claim. Read the rest in our series: [simple_series title="How To File Your Own Gold Claim After Prospecting!"] Cross Filing or Over Staking Gold Claims...It happens Now the BLM says they have no jurisdiction over matters concerning ownership of claims that are top filed over existing claims, over staking should be determined and will be determined through civil court actions between rival Read more [...]
how to stake your gold mining claim

The True Purpose Of Gold Prospecting? Once You Know Where To Find Gold, CLAIM IT!

By: J.C. Allen Hey, hey fellow prospectors!!  This is JC, welcome to another episode of The Gold Prospecting Show!  In this episode, I'm going to change things up a little bit, and are going to cover how to file a gold mining claim. Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold Using Their Survey System What everything's based off of, how you do it, I spent a lot of time here last week at the County recorder's office going through it, so hopefully I can make it easier for you because we're Read more [...]
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Where to Find Gold with GPS For Free

How to GPS Like A Rockstar For Free Now that you have begun the awesome adventure that is gold prospecting, and hopefully you have found where to find gold in your area.   You have to now get into the area so you can get the gold...here's a quick how-to GPS in and out for free: General How to "GPS for Free with your Smartphone" Having six kids in today's economy we are always on the lookout for ways to save money ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE we can.  If you already have a smartphone and have Read more [...]