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Historic Gold Miner & Prospecting Pictures Round 1

If you spend any amount of time gold prospecting, do you always begin to wonder how did the ol' timers do it?  Since I spend way too much time stuck at work when I'd rather be out in the field prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I am continually stumbling onto some great old finds. Today I went back around to a resource I found last year, and found quite a few more solid gold nuggets of old timey gold mining pictures...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. What gold prospecting and Read more [...]

Montana Resources For Today’s Gold Prospector

Here are some resources to get you Montana prospectors started looking for where to find gold...Montana has a rich (literally) history of gold mining which continues to this day...Get out there and find you some!! Montana Gold Mining & Prospecting Regulations Bureau of Land Management...Mining Program Quote: A recreational miner with a pick, shovel or gold pan does not need a special permit on BLM land in Montana. A person using a suction dredge in Montana should get a permit from the Read more [...]

Fox News Talking About Where To Find Gold

Hobby Gold Prospecting Is Getting Noticed and Folks Are Wondering Where To Find Gold Hobby prospecting is starting to get all kinds of attention...and now even the "mainstream" is writing some very decent articles about gold prospecting and the adventures it brings!  Join the fun! Learn where to find gold here. Gold rush: California's weekend warriors discover prospecting FRESNO, Calif. – High gold prices have made prospecting the hottest new hobby for California’s weekend warriors. With Read more [...]

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition To make myself a better prospector and learn from those who have gone before, I love to check out old pictures of the gold miners and prospectors who have been there and done that. It is interesting to see the way the old schoolers used to dress, the equipment they used, and overall demeanor... I even use them to plan DiY equipment builds...like these rocker pics... when doing my Rocking Gold Cradle build over this past off-season.  I hope you enjoy Read more [...]