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Historic Gold Miner & Prospecting Pictures Round 1

If you spend any amount of time gold prospecting, do you always begin to wonder how did the ol' timers do it?  Since I spend way too much time stuck at work when I'd rather be out in the field prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I am continually stumbling onto some great old finds. Today I went back around to a resource I found last year, and found quite a few more solid gold nuggets of old timey gold mining pictures...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. What gold prospecting and Read more [...]

Get Started Gold Prospecting

Want To Know Where to Find Gold Anywhere You Are Located? Learn How To Find Gold With Gold Prospecting Research right now!! Before Spending Money Any Equipment!! There is an old saying amongst gold prospectors that "Gold is where you find it."  Since this was true even in the past when gold was sold at a fixed price of US$20.67 per ounce, with today's historically high gold prices, you, me and any new gold rush prospector will truly take gold from any dirt, stream, or rock where we can find gold! However, Read more [...]

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition To make myself a better prospector and learn from those who have gone before, I love to check out old pictures of the gold miners and prospectors who have been there and done that. It is interesting to see the way the old schoolers used to dress, the equipment they used, and overall demeanor... I even use them to plan DiY equipment builds...like these rocker pics... when doing my Rocking Gold Cradle build over this past off-season.  I hope you enjoy Read more [...]

Where to Find Gold In Georgia

Georgia was the site of the first American gold rush starting around 1828, and continuing until 1849, when California struck it rich. In fact enough gold was found in a gold belt from Alabama up through the Carolinas that a U.S. mint was placed in operation in Dahlonega Georgia. It was estimated that more than 500 mines were in operation in Georgia at the height of its gold production...with the last commercial operation continuing until the 1930's.  There are still over 500 "gold occurrence" Read more [...]
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DiY Rockin’ Gold Cradle How To Build A Rocker

Do It Yourself Rockin' Gold Cradle-How To Build A Rocker Pulling from different sources on the best way to process placer gold, we have started a new DiY prospecting & mining equipment project. Building a Gold Cradle or Rocker.... Here is the final product... Follow along here to see JC's Rockin' Gold Cradle as it comes together from scratch and runs its first "pay-dirt" (though sadly that will be a few more months until the creeks unfreeze & start running. Stage#1...Material Read more [...]