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Find Landmarks To Prospect Around

By: J.C. Allen Hey hey fellow prospector! Here is a quick dig tip that I found to essentially create a Google EarthTM grid overlay that will easily show you a bearing because we were actually looking around during our recent trip to Colorado and going, “Well, what the heck peak is that over there?” And so what we did is you can actually go into this free service that’s actually going to be in the member's Launchpad. So if you join me here at eGoldProspecting.com and sign up, just your email Read more [...]
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New Tutorial: How To Prospect History Using Topographic Maps

Short video on how to look for likely spots for metal detecting or gold prospecting…

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Are There Gold Claims For Prospecting In New Jersey?

Help For Our e Gold Prospecting Members... Watch another installment of "I'm Stuck At Work And Would Rather Be Prospecting" tutorials in response to an inquiry from Keith M., I try to find gold mining claims or occurrences in New Jersey...the techniques and resources I use can help you know where to find gold anywhere in the world!! Hey guys, its J.C.again. stuck at work yet another Saturday. But guess what? My loss is your gain. Today we're gonna answer some member questions. I sent out Read more [...]

The Diary Of A Forty-Niner; Gold Miner In California

By: J.C. Allen I love gold prospecting history and I have started a podcast and am currently reading from the old book, The Diary Of A Forty-Niner, which was compiled around 1895 or so.  It purports to be letters and diary entries by a gold miner from Connecticut who traveled to California during the gold rush of 1849 and 1850. For fun, I have taken the locations, creeks, claims, etc. from the book and placed them into a Google Earth™ mapping service overlay for your education and information.  Read more [...]
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The Best Route Planning for Gold Prospecting

Using Google Earth™ mapping service for Gold Prospecting For any folks who might not be aware...there are many great Google Earth™ mapping service overlays which can benefit the gold prospector.  From Geologic formation maps to specific geochemical analysis of stream sediments you can find virtually unlimited resources to help you find more gold.  However, one of the best to get you started looking for gold are Topographic Map Overlays for anywhere in North America. If you need help finding Read more [...]