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Are There Gold Claims For Prospecting In New Jersey?

Help For Our e Gold Prospecting Members... Watch another installment of "I'm Stuck At Work And Would Rather Be Prospecting" tutorials in response to an inquiry from Keith M., I try to find gold mining claims or occurrences in New Jersey...the techniques and resources I use can help you know where to find gold anywhere in the world!! Hey guys, its J.C.again. stuck at work yet another Saturday. But guess what? My loss is your gain. Today we're gonna answer some member questions. I sent out Read more [...]
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The Frustrations of High Country Gold Prospecting

Chasing the Gold Amongst The White When you live and work year-round in a place and elevation where people either visit only on vacation or leave annually for a second warmer home, the outdoor gold prospecting season never, ever starts as soon as you'd like.   The last time I was this frustrated was back in high school, but it was prospecting for other things and went by a different name....but I digress:When you get into gold prospecting and metal detecting, you spend all winter making equipment Read more [...]