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gold prospecting with the lr2000 mining claim report

The Gold Prospecting Show #16: Gold Mining With The LR2000 Claim Report

By: J.C. Allen Pulling the curtain back on a somewhat complex prospecting tool.  The federal government's Legacy Rehost report...better known to gold prospectors as the "LR2000". Get help running an LR2000 report...click here... [begin transcript] Hey, hey fellow prospectors! In this week’s show, we’re going to actually dive deep into how to run an LR2000 Report. If you’re going, “What the heck is an LR2000 Report?” stick around. I will show you how you can use it to help Read more [...]

Prospecting For Where To Find Gold In West Virginia

By:  J.C. Allen Kevin from Logan West Virginia asks me, JC, "Where can I find gold for prospecting in West Virginia?" Due to Momma Nature, geology, and just plain old bad luck, there are just a few places where little to no gold or silver can be found.  And sadly for Kevin, and all you Mountaineer Gold Prospectors, West Virginia is one of them. Yep, other than a few historic newspaper articles which are sometimes SUSPECT, as they were sometimes marketing the area to entice settlers to move Read more [...]
arkansas prospecting find morgan silver dollar

Arkansas Prospecting Delivers Value In Coins Instead of Gold

Saint Francis County Arkansas--March 2013 Finds prove you don't need to be gold prospecting to dig some valuable nuggets in The Natural State! By: J.C. Allen Jason G., a local metal detector enthusiast in Saint Francis County Arkansas sure got a huge surprise on a prospecting hunt this week.  After detecting other locations with some success, Jason had been working to find additional old home sites and other interesting places to use his metal detecting skills, but he was at loss. Until Read more [...]
gold prospecting in australia

Gold Panning In Maine? Sure!

Gold locations in Maine known to the USGS...if it is possible for you to gold pan downstream from these spots, they'd be some of the best places to start. View Larger Map Maine Office Of GIS...listing of maps available online.  Use these to track down property ownership reviews...and property lines, etc. Historic Topographic Map links...(links open in new tabs)... Blue Hill 1901:  3 mines marked SE of Blue Hill (NOT in USGS database), and two south of Brooksville towards Herricks A Read more [...]