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Gold Prospecting In Arkansas

Click to see Jason's Arkansas "gold" finds! See other Arkansas Gold Locations   Current Arkansas Gold Prospecting News:  on April 18, 2013, we got this from J. E.: Gold was found in Madison county and Washington county Arkansas just last month. It was fine gold mostly and 1 nugget that I seen. A friend of mine showed me the gold and spots he found it. as soon as I find a pan I'm going. J.E. came back after his prospecting trip and let us know that he did find some color, but he kept Read more [...]
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Where To Find Gold And Other Prospecting In Arkansas

Arkansas Prospecting Finds Valued At Almost One Gram Of Gold Saint Francis County Arkansas–March 3, 2013 Finds prove you don’t need to be looking for gold to dig some valuable nuggets in The Natural State! By: J.C. Allen  READ MORE about what this local Razorback had to say about his prospecting trip... You too can start Your Prospecting In Arkansas Today! I have gathered everything you need to get going into one convenient download.  Get: Arkansas specific gold and silver Read more [...]
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Historic Gold Miner & Prospecting Pictures Round 1

If you spend any amount of time gold prospecting, do you always begin to wonder how did the ol' timers do it?  Since I spend way too much time stuck at work when I'd rather be out in the field prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I am continually stumbling onto some great old finds. Today I went back around to a resource I found last year, and found quite a few more solid gold nuggets of old timey gold mining pictures...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. What gold prospecting and Read more [...]
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The Frustrations of High Country Gold Prospecting

Chasing the Gold Amongst The White When you live and work year-round in a place and elevation where people either visit only on vacation or leave annually for a second warmer home, the outdoor gold prospecting season never, ever starts as soon as you'd like.   The last time I was this frustrated was back in high school, but it was prospecting for other things and went by a different name....but I digress:When you get into gold prospecting and metal detecting, you spend all winter making equipment Read more [...]

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition To make myself a better prospector and learn from those who have gone before, I love to check out old pictures of the gold miners and prospectors who have been there and done that. It is interesting to see the way the old schoolers used to dress, the equipment they used, and overall demeanor... I even use them to plan DiY equipment builds...like these rocker pics... when doing my Rocking Gold Cradle build over this past off-season.  I hope you enjoy Read more [...]