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where to find gold for prospecting

Before You Can Prospect You Must Know Where To Find Gold

By: J.C. Allen Old Prospector Quote:  "Wherever the gold is. It is. Wherever I am, it ain't." The most challenging part about finding gold is, well, finding it. The most popular spots in Alaska and California are becoming much more active now that the mineral is worth almost $1,700 per ounce. The real question every gold prospector seeking some yellow begins "where can I find gold?" Gold has been found throughout the world, and can still be located today...you just have to find the likely locations, Read more [...]
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Historic Gold Miner & Prospecting Pictures Round 1

If you spend any amount of time gold prospecting, do you always begin to wonder how did the ol' timers do it?  Since I spend way too much time stuck at work when I'd rather be out in the field prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I am continually stumbling onto some great old finds. Today I went back around to a resource I found last year, and found quite a few more solid gold nuggets of old timey gold mining pictures...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. What gold prospecting and Read more [...]
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Yukon Gold Placer Prospecting

If you are interested in prospecting for gold in the placers of the Yukon Territory, this is the place to start.  The Yukon has a very rich, literally!, history of gold mining and in fact the Canadian government is very supportive of mining both lode and placer resources in the territory. While the paperwork involved in setting up an official operation can appear daunting for the new gold miner or prospector, the rewards in the rich placer grounds of the Yukon are well worth the time and energy Read more [...]
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The Best Route Planning for Gold Prospecting

Using Google Earth™ mapping service for Gold Prospecting For any folks who might not be aware...there are many great Google Earth™ mapping service overlays which can benefit the gold prospector.  From Geologic formation maps to specific geochemical analysis of stream sediments you can find virtually unlimited resources to help you find more gold.  However, one of the best to get you started looking for gold are Topographic Map Overlays for anywhere in North America. If you need help finding Read more [...]

Gold Prospectors.org Resource Page

This page is provided as a resource, customized and dedicated, for all you great folks coming to visit e Gold Prospecting from the GPAA's Gold Prospectors Forum.  We hope these links are HELPING YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!!  The reason we created this page was thanks to a request from a new prospector for more detailed information than the forum makes easy to provide and catalog.  So here you go! As I try to put solid information in my posts over at Gold Prospectors.org I will provide more in-depth Read more [...]