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The Toughest Part of Prospecting? Deciding Where To Go!

By: J.C. Allen When I started prospecting just over two years ago, one of my first major purchases was a metal detector.  Since the closest "proven" gold in my neighborhood for prospecting is almost two hours away, I wanted to enjoy the prospecting adventure regardless of location or "gold" being searched for.  Metal detecting provides the very same challenges and great times with the kids, so I was hooked! Now that I have been fully focused on researching for likely metal detecting or other Read more [...]
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Arkansas Prospecting Delivers Value In Coins Instead of Gold

Saint Francis County Arkansas--March 2013 Finds prove you don't need to be gold prospecting to dig some valuable nuggets in The Natural State! By: J.C. Allen Jason G., a local metal detector enthusiast in Saint Francis County Arkansas sure got a huge surprise on a prospecting hunt this week.  After detecting other locations with some success, Jason had been working to find additional old home sites and other interesting places to use his metal detecting skills, but he was at loss. Until Read more [...]
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Where To Find Gold And Other Prospecting In Arkansas

Arkansas Prospecting Finds Valued At Almost One Gram Of Gold Saint Francis County Arkansas–March 3, 2013 Finds prove you don’t need to be looking for gold to dig some valuable nuggets in The Natural State! By: J.C. Allen  READ MORE about what this local Razorback had to say about his prospecting trip... You too can start Your Prospecting In Arkansas Today! I have gathered everything you need to get going into one convenient download.  Get: Arkansas specific gold and silver Read more [...]
gold prospecting with the lr2000 mining claim report

How To Prospect With The LR2000 Report

What the heck is LR2000 and how can it help my gold prospecting? Watch this short video and I will show you 😉 By:  J.C. Allen The LR2000 is the Bureau of Land Management's system of compiling all the mining claims in the USA.  While mostly focused on the heavy public lands in the Western states, you can use the report to find if an area is already claimed or open for gold prospecting. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The LR2000 mining claim reports do not specify the mineral being mined!!  Use Read more [...]
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New Tutorial: How To Prospect History Using Topographic Maps

Short video on how to look for likely spots for metal detecting or gold prospecting…

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