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gold prospecting with the lr2000 mining claim report

How To Prospect With The LR2000 Report

What the heck is LR2000 and how can it help my gold prospecting? Watch this short video and I will show you 😉 By:  J.C. Allen The LR2000 is the Bureau of Land Management's system of compiling all the mining claims in the USA.  While mostly focused on the heavy public lands in the Western states, you can use the report to find if an area is already claimed or open for gold prospecting. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The LR2000 mining claim reports do not specify the mineral being mined!!  Use Read more [...]

How To Pan for Gold? Here’s A Quick Tip!

Easy Gold Panning How-To Trick When I started panning for gold last year, not only was I panning streams downstream of some old claims, I was BRAND NEW to prospecting and gold panning. Not knowing any better I was taking much too long to sample and work my pans.  Of course, I did not want to lose any gold. My quick solution to keeping all gold plus speed up panning? One day on a whim, I threw some small non-lead, painted fishing weights into each pan.  My reasoning was if I kept the weights, Read more [...]