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Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition

Historic Gold Miner Pictures First Edition To make myself a better prospector and learn from those who have gone before, I love to check out old pictures of the gold miners and prospectors who have been there and done that. It is interesting to see the way the old schoolers used to dress, the equipment they used, and overall demeanor... I even use them to plan DiY equipment builds...like these rocker pics... when doing my Rocking Gold Cradle build over this past off-season.  I hope you enjoy Read more [...]
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Gold Prospecting & Mining In Ireland

  Just in time for Saint Paddy's Day!!  A few useful resources I researched to help you  fill that pot of gold when prospecting in Ireland!  In recent years gold mining and exploration in Ireland has been growing by leaps and bounds.   Ever since the days of the Celts, gold has been found and valued on the Green Isle! While the larger volumes probably entered Ireland through the commerce and battles of the Celts, gold is available for prospecting, explorations, and mining Read more [...]