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New Tutorial: How To Prospect History Using Topographic Maps

Short video on how to look for likely spots for metal detecting or gold prospecting…

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What do YOU want to know about the 177 oz. gold nugget found last week?

If you could ask anything about finding a 177 oz. gold nugget... What do you want to know? I have scored an interview with the mate of the Aussie metal detectorist that found the 177 ounce nugget last week outside of Ballarat...watch a short video of the find here. While the detectorist wants to remain anonymous, and with finding a nugget worth over $300,000 who wouldn't, his long-time mate Cordell is the front man with the scoop!! While Read more [...]
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Are There Gold Claims For Prospecting In New Jersey?

Help For Our e Gold Prospecting Members... Watch another installment of "I'm Stuck At Work And Would Rather Be Prospecting" tutorials in response to an inquiry from Keith M., I try to find gold mining claims or occurrences in New Jersey...the techniques and resources I use can help you know where to find gold anywhere in the world!! Hey guys, its J.C.again. stuck at work yet another Saturday. But guess what? My loss is your gain. Today we're gonna answer some member questions. I sent out Read more [...]
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Gold Prospecting & Mining In Ireland

  Just in time for Saint Paddy's Day!!  A few useful resources I researched to help you  fill that pot of gold when prospecting in Ireland!  In recent years gold mining and exploration in Ireland has been growing by leaps and bounds.   Ever since the days of the Celts, gold has been found and valued on the Green Isle! While the larger volumes probably entered Ireland through the commerce and battles of the Celts, gold is available for prospecting, explorations, and mining Read more [...]

Folks Who Have Helped Us Prospect Along The Way

Equipment We Use for Prospecting Kellyco Metal Detectors.  They have an awesome comparison tool to decide what metal detector is right for you.  About them: The Worlds Largest and Oldest Metal Detectors Super Store Since 1955 Simply put, KELLYCO has more metal detectors and more different types of metal detectors just waiting to be shipped to a waiting treasure hunter. Our shelves are stocked with metal detectors, books, maps, accessories, exactly what is needed to make your metal detecting Read more [...]