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how to stake your gold mining claim

Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold, OR, Staking A Gold Mining Claim! Part Two

By: J.C. Allen This is part two of "Telling The Government Where To Find Your Gold" OR Staking A Gold Mining Claim. Read the rest in our series: [simple_series title="How To File Your Own Gold Claim After Prospecting!"] Cross Filing or Over Staking Gold Claims...It happens Now the BLM says they have no jurisdiction over matters concerning ownership of claims that are top filed over existing claims, over staking should be determined and will be determined through civil court actions between rival Read more [...]
gold prospecting in australia

Gold Panning In Maine? Sure!

Gold locations in Maine known to the USGS...if it is possible for you to gold pan downstream from these spots, they'd be some of the best places to start. View Larger Map Maine Office Of GIS...listing of maps available online.  Use these to track down property ownership reviews...and property lines, etc. Historic Topographic Map links...(links open in new tabs)... Blue Hill 1901:  3 mines marked SE of Blue Hill (NOT in USGS database), and two south of Brooksville towards Herricks A Read more [...]