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Thank you so very much for expressing your interest in eGold Prospecting products and services through your action!

downloadIf you purchased a ready-to-download package, be sure to check your email right now, it is on its way!  (Be sure to check your spam folder just in case).

All custom prospecting packages will be emailed to you within seven business days.

All physical products, like our 4P’s, are being wrapped by our trained http://www.IconDrawer.commonkeys, um, I mean kids, and will be shipped the 25th of each month (2 days after our monthly sale ends).  You should receive them within five business days.

If you signed up for More e Gold Nuggets, we will regularly send you new nuggets of prospecting gold to help you find what you are looking for!!

You have your X, your target, now get some more prospecting help, use the links below to continue your prospecting adventure!

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