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Arkansas Prospecting Delivers Value In Coins Instead of Gold

Saint Francis County Arkansas–March 2013

Finds prove you don’t need to be gold prospecting to dig some valuable nuggets in The Natural State!

By: J.C. Allen

Jason G., a local metal detector enthusiast in Saint Francis County Arkansas sure got a huge surprise on a prospecting hunt this week.  After detecting other locations with some success, Jason had been working to find additional old home sites and other interesting places to use his metal detecting skills, but he was at loss.

Until an early spring day, Jason went to some new locations in his neighborhood…and found these silver pieces!

Three Barber dimes. Three Morgan dollars. Current Melt Values: ~$75…Current Collector Values (eBay): +$200
arkansas gold

Jason’s finds on his first two days metal detecting!

Within the first hour detecting one of the places pinpointed and recommended to him, Jason had found a Morgan silver dollar from 1890, a Barber dime from 1911, and several Wheat pennies from the 1930’s to 1950’s…to be followed by more Morgans, more dimes, and even some pre-1964 quarters!

Jason had this to say about his detecting trip,

JC, all I want to say is WOW, I got to go a few spots around my house, and it was the best time I have had in a long time…the package…was amazing!!

So how could a frustrated metal detecting Arkansas prospector get so lucky to be in the right spots digging the right targets?

Well, after watching a few tutorial videos on how to get started prospecting in Arkansas, Jason sent this note over to J.C. Allen at

I have watched all your videos on YouTube™ (video community) and I am in need of some help. I live in Arkansas and I am having a hard time finding info on good locations to metal detect. I am mainly looking for old home sites in my area, or any other places that I might have over looked.

Not knowing what to expect but hoping for the best he hit SEND…

Shortly after receiving Jason’s call for help, J.C. provided him a custom prospecting research package to download.  This custom “First Look” county prospecting report included an area analysis, historic maps, several archeological reports, and other resources of major interest to metal detectorists and treasure prospectors for Jason’s specific area.

After looking over the county level package, Jason said,

“…everything looks great. I have already got a few ideas!”

But Jason still felt a bit unsure of specifically where to go and what to look for to really kickstart his metal detector prospecting, so he sent another note.  This one in response to J.C.’s offer, “If you like, I can tell you where I’d go prospecting first if I lived there”…

JC, I know you are a busy person but if it wouldn’t be any trouble I would like you to go the extra mile. Those two or three spots you would look first would be a great help…

Lo and behold before the next weekend arrived, Jason received a specific prospecting plan, including driving directions, to get to some very likely homestead and old school locations which were no longer visible on satellite images or modern topographic maps.

arkansas prospecting wheat pennies

Wheat pennies found during first hunt…they may be stinkin’ Lincolns, but they show the area has not been detected before!!

These extra gold nuggets of information gave Jason everything he needed to have a successful prospecting adventure with his metal detector…on his very first day out at ONLY one of the several locations J.C. provided!!

Jason sent this after his prospecting trip…

I really want to Thank You again for all the time and effort you put in to this package.  If you ever need anything from down my way and I can help, all you have to do is ask.

Loving the excitement and just being able to help out a fellow prospector, J.C. said,

“The finds show that not only are the areas very productive for gold, um, coin prospecting, they have not yet been searched by modern metal detectorists.  It is like prospecting for and finding a gold mine…now the digging begins!

I’m am so happy Jason was able to recover nearly a gram of gold value from his first trip out.  Gold, coin and relic prospecting are such awesome hobbies, it is what we live for!

Getting fellow prospectors to their own personal X, their target, as fast as possible is our only purpose!  When we are not out hunting for treasure ourselves, of course!”

What about you?  Want to know where to go prospecting for gold, coins, or relics in your neighborhood?

Just join J.C. and e Gold Prospecting Tribe through the button for a little bit of prospecting help and you too can be like Jason…finding and digging your own personal X.

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