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There is an old saying amongst gold prospectors that “Gold is where you find it.”  Since this was true even in the past when gold was sold at a fixed price of US$20.67 per ounce, with today’s historically high gold prices, you, me and any new gold rush prospector will truly take gold from any dirt, stream, or rock where we can find gold!

However, since gold is one of the heaviest materials in the world, it acts in very specific ways once it begins interacting with Mother Nature’s other materials.  Smooth, rounded and worn pieces of gold whether a picker, flake or dust has traveled a long way. Fresh, rough looking gold has recently move from in-situ locations called lodes.   Review details of these distances and what the grains of gold will look like here.

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Where to Find Gold Mines

If you are like I was when I was getting started in gold prospecting, when someone says “gold mine” you think, pick, jack, hard-rock, and lots of work.

However, did you know that many visible hard rock gold veins usually play out after only a short distance?   They typically last long enough to create a “gold rush” given other economic circumstances.  However, while these hard rock “mother lodes” are what all prospectors, including me, dream of finding, the odds and workload definitely favor the alluvial, or placer, prospector. Regardless of location, any place gold is found in quantity and material is regularly processed is called a gold mine.  The gold is typically spread throughout the overburden or rock which must be crushed or otherwise processed and refined to capture the  payable amounts of gold.  The deeper you dig in these areas the richer the gold quantity becomes.

Since the days of ancient Egypt, gold placer mining has been the predominant supply source of global demand.  As a small-scale  gold miner or hobby prospector, these placer locations provide you the best opportunity for where to find gold for fun and profit.  While many gold fields around the USA, Australia, and the world can and do provide gold nuggets found by detecting in those areas with metal detectors, unless you are lucky enough to live within driving distance of these nugget fields you will be looking for the pickers, flakes, and dust gold found in placer deposits.  Ancient alluvial placers, like the Witwatersrand in South Africa, are typically where gold mining pays the largest dividends…did you know ancient stream bed placers can be found in many places around the world?

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