Where to Find Gold In Georgia

Georgia was the site of the first American gold rush starting around 1828, and continuing until 1849, when California struck it rich. In fact enough gold was found in a gold belt from Alabama up through the Carolinas that a U.S. mint was placed in operation in Dahlonega Georgia.

It was estimated that more than 500 mines were in operation in Georgia at the height of its gold production…with the last commercial operation continuing until the 1930’s.  There are still over 500 “gold occurrence” locations listed for Georgia in the USGS’s Mineral Resource Data System.

With such a historical foundation, there should still be great opportunities for the hobby prospector to find enough yellow to stay busy!!  Here are a few resources to get you started:

Georgia Geology… Google Earth™ mapping service overlay

America’s First Gold Rush Historical Documents… http://www.gpb.org/georgiastories/docs/gold_rush-145, which includes many great resources for the Georgia prospector, with the “Second Report on the Gold Deposits of Georgia Geological Survey of Georgia” from 1909 catching our eye for its forty-five page discussion on geology, locations, and specifics.

Additional historical documents can be found at the Digital Library of Georgia here.

And one more recent geologic-related publication from 1999…

Geologic Maps and Block Diagrams of the Barite Hill Gold-Silver Deposit and Vicinity, South Carolina and Georgia..pdf by the USGS

Also, be sure to not ignore resources for surrounding states to identify better opportunities, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina!!  They all have publications and maps related to the southeastern United States “gold belt” which may be helpful to everyone located in the Peach State.

While this isn’t much, I hope this helps point you in the best direction to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!  And don’t forget, if you can’t find gold close to where you live be sure to try relic/treasure prospecting for some of the same great times and rewards gold prospecting provides.

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