prospecting for gold in ireland, looking for gold

Gold Prospecting & Mining In Ireland

prospecting for gold in ireland, looking for gold


Just in time for Saint Paddy’s Day!!  A few useful resources I researched to help you  fill that pot of gold when prospecting in Ireland!  In recent years gold mining and exploration in Ireland has been growing by leaps and bounds.


Ever since the days of the Celts, gold has been found and valued on the Green Isle! While the larger volumes probably entered Ireland through the commerce and battles of the Celts, gold is available for prospecting, explorations, and mining in Ireland.

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e Gold Prospecting Resources for all of Ireland

 Gold Prospecting & Mining Resources in the Republic of Ireland:

And now for the top end of the island…

North Ireland Gold Prospecting Resources:


These links should get you moving into the field and started gold prospecting in Ireland.  Of course, with the historic and ancient nature of the development of the Green Isle, one other “prospecting” adventure which may be profitable for your enjoyment is metal detecting for lost/buried treasure caches. Like these…found in Britain.

While mostly focused on the UK, you can some specific information and regulations related to your side of the pond at National Council for Metal Detecting!

gold prospecting in ireland

They provide this awesome 40 page primer on metal detecting! It is a great nugget of useful information for any metal detectorists around the world.

While this isn’t much, I hope this helps point you in the best direction to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!

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