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Is There Gold In Kansas?


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Now for Gold In Kansas!!  Here is personal insight given to e Gold Prospecting by the first, and now former, president of the Wichita Kansas Chapter of Gold Prospectors of America Association:


…Surely the scientific proof of gold in Kansas is there. I have been asked by so many people, it just amazes me. Our club,, started last January. They voted me as President.

I told them on the 1st meeting (Over 100 people showed up by the way), about the alluvial fan coming out of Colorado (and in short), pushing gold into Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Many of our members have panned several rivers in Kansas and Oklahoma, and some report success. Mostly the finds are very small. It is my opinion that a false bedrock layer at about 4 feet exists in most of the rivers in Kansas. I believe if you could get down to the next level of bedrock, well, who knows?

But, you are preaching to the choir. I live very close to the Arkansas river and many of us have panned and dry washed.

HOWEVER, most of us are doing very well in [our neighboring state, upstream of Kansas] Colorado, and have had several trips up there last year with much success.

Please read our website, hope this email and the website and fb will answer any questions. When I am not looking for lost treasure, I will be panning and high banking! Looks like you are way in to Kansas and gold!

I sincerely wish you the best, you know gold is where you find it and I hope you find a lot. Happy 2013!

Happy Hunting!

Rick F.

THANKS RICK FOR THE PERSONAL SKINNY ON GOLD AND KANSAS!! Learn more about the Wichita GPAA Chapter here…

Now to get a bit more specific…back to our Kansas gold prospecting research…

Although there are no listings for actual gold occurrences, prospects, or past producers in the USGS MRDS

gold prospecting in Kansas



There are some Kansas Gold Percentages based on geochemical analysis of stream sediments…(the white areas have not been analyzed yet).

& the legend

For an upcoming episode of The Gold Prospecting Show, J.C. will interview a Kansas prospector to get specific skinny on Prospecting The Sunflower State!!  Join us now so you don’t miss the scoop!!

So while the odds and mother nature will make your prospecting for the yellow quite difficult…there have been a gold rush or two in Kansas…

From a Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin:  “Kansas also has had its share of fortune hunters. More than once people have traveled through the state seeking valuable minerals such as gold and silver.

In 1541 the Spanish explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was told of an Indian land named Quivira where gold and other riches were abundant. His desire to find Quivira led him into a territory that is now part of Kansas. But Coronado and his men went away disappointed. They never located gold, which apparently existed only in Indian legends.

More than 300 years later in the 1880’s, hundreds of prospectors flocked to Logan County in western Kansas hoping to find silver. Thousands of dollars were spent to stake claims, but only traces of nickel ore were found. Scientists who visited the area didn’t think conditions were right for either silver or nickel to form. The traces of the minerals were probably found in rocks from outer space, called meteorites, which had collided with Earth.”

For an additional “prospecting” hobby, you may want to supplement your gold prospecting with relic and coin metal detecting.  The experiences are similar, and we do both!!  The joy of digging an old coin (and even a pop tab) is virtually the same as finding something while gold prospecting!!  Get started with some helpful metal detecting links in our Launchpad…like these historical topographic maps…look for old schools, old fairgrounds, and anywhere else folks might have gathered…

metal detecting kansas

Historical Topographic Map Snapshot, Olathe, Kansas Area For Metal Detecting Spots

Catch Up With A Couple of Kansas Locals Who Prospect & Treasure Hunt…they know the skinny and can help get you started!

A Tip for Those Starting Out Prospecting:

Don’t try to be too specific when starting out to prospect an area…look for any opportunities within a few hour drive then rank them based on geology, past finds, etc. versus focusing on only one spot.  Then based on your field sampling of your  top three opportunities, focus your efforts to get more gold.

e Gold Prospecting at the Kansas state Historical society

Early in 1858, reports were circulated of gold being discovered at Cherry Creek, located at the foot of the Rockies in what was western Kansas Territory.  The trickle of gold seekers heading west soon turned into a torrent.  Kansas newspapers were filled with stories about gold, some real and  most imagined. Reminiscent of the 1849 stampede of ’49ers to Sutter’s Mill in California, hundreds were lured to the mountains. The prospectors soon learned that “all that glitters is not gold” and some of the wagons that had gone west bearing the slogan, “Pike’s Peak or Bust,” creaked back home relabeled, “Pike’s Peak and Busted.”

Again, in 1896, there were reports of gold being discovered in Kansas.  Stories claimed that gold was found at  Hollenberg that assayed out at $10 to $20 per ton. Once more the gold seekers were doomed to disappointment and the crowds departed as quickly as they came, leaving Hollenberg to return to being a quiet village in Washington County.”



Place and geographic feature names are usually called that for a reason.

While there are quite a few “GOLDEN”s, sadly there is no Gold Creek, Gold Hill, Gold Hollow, etc. listed in Kansas like there are in every gold producing/occurrence area.

While this isn’t much, I hope this helps point you in the best direction to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!  And don’t forget, if you can’t find gold close to where you live be sure to try relic/treasure prospecting for some of the same great times and rewards gold prospecting provides.

Make sure you see all the e gold nuggets of information we find…sign up for delivery to your inbox.  And since our primary aim is to help folks, if you have a specific research need prospected but don’t want to do it yourself, just let us know how we can help.  Click the Send us a quick note here.

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