Montana Resources For Today’s Gold Prospector

Here are some resources to get you Montana prospectors started looking for where to find gold…Montana has a rich (literally) history of gold mining which continues to this day…Get out there and find you some!!

Montana Gold Mining & Prospecting Regulations

Bureau of Land Management…Mining Program

Quote: A recreational miner with a pick, shovel or gold pan does not need a special permit on BLM land in Montana. A person using a suction dredge in Montana should get a permit from the Water Protection Bureau, Department of Environmental Quality, 1520 East Sixth Ave. PO Box 200901, Helena, Montana 59620-0901, phone 406 444-3080.

Montana Conservation and Resource Development Division..permits, licenses, and general information.

Montana Minerals Development

Montana Gold Mining & Prospecting Education

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Quote: A non-regulatory state agency, the Bureau provides extensive advisory, technical, and informational services on the States’ geologic, mineral, energy, and water resources.

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Publications Catalog

Montana Mining Magazine

Montana Geographic Information Systems (maps)

Montana Gold Mining & Prospecting History

Virginia City…tourist ghost town with mining history.

Abandoned Mining Areas (sites for re-prospecting, etc.)…Historical Narratives

Bannack Montana

Missoula Gold Country (tourist publication)

Current Montana Gold Prospecting News

Montana Gold News Feed

I hope this helps you get started prospecting for gold in Montana or wherever you are!!

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