Prospecting For Where To Find Gold In West Virginia

By:  J.C. Allen

Kevin from Logan West Virginia asks me, JC, “Where can I find gold for prospecting in West Virginia?”

Due to Momma Nature, geology, and just plain old bad luck, there are just a few places where little to no gold or silver can be found.  And sadly for Kevin, and all you Mountaineer Gold Prospectors, West Virginia is one of them.

Yep, other than a few historic newspaper articles which are sometimes SUSPECT, as they were sometimes marketing the area to entice settlers to move in, and even with all of tax tax money feeding the department, the United States Geological Survey has not been unable to find any reference to or occurrence of the precious metals in West Virginia for your gold prospecting needs!

However, DO NOT DESPAIR!!  There is another prospecting past-time that is just as good as, can be almost as profitable as, and gives you just as much fun as gold prospecting….yep, it is metal detecting!!

So, don’t be disappointed you can’t find yellow…once a year during winter, book yourself a trip to Arizona (if you are interested, just ask me…I know a great guy who will put you on gold within an hour!!)  But for your everyday prospecting adventure…get yourself a decent metal detector AND scroll down to find how to find other “gold”…those forgotten valuable coins, relics, and other treasures with this example for Kevin’s neighborhood, Logan West Virginia!

Disappointingly you will have to be cautious in where you are metal detecting and gold prospecting as West Virginia state law appears to prohibit it on state owned land…you may be able to apply for permits IF you are so inclined as to ask permission.

West Virginia Code §20-2-1 also disallows the removal of any artifacts, objects, plants, animals, substances or materials whether they are natural or man-made from state forests, parks or state wildlife management area unless a permit has first been obtained. Also, West Virginia Code §20- 7A-5 forbids any person to deface, excavate, disturb, remove or injure any historic or prehistoric ruin, archaeological or paleontological site or any other similar object that might be found in any cave.

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